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The Fraud Team is a UK not-for-profit company which brings together people and organisations with specialist skills to help victims of scams and frauds.  We are led by Steve Conley, who has had a distinguished career at a senior level in the financial services industry.  Steve is the founder-owner of The Academy of Life Planning and the award-winning founding-lead of the Market Integrity Team of the Transparency Taskforce.  The following link provides a summary of the collaborative, campaigning community, and Steve’s role as an Ambassador for the Transparency Taskforce.

Steve is The Fraud Team’s leading specialist on banking-related issues.

The Fraud Team can call upon an extraordinarily strong team of independent professionals covering investigation, insolvency, asset tracing, forensic accounting and legal services. The investigation team includes former UK Police Officers, UK solicitors and a global investigation firm which handles overseas investigations. We also work closely with each of our independent specialists to co-ordinate recovery actions on behalf of our clients.

If you suspect you have been the victim of a fraud or a scam our team will investigate.  We do not charge for an initial review and we do not take on cases where we feel the costs of recovery would not be economically viable for our clients.  We can identify and act against third parties who may have been culpable in assisting the scam whether that occurred at the initial planning stage, during the fundraising or on an ongoing basis.  If you are a financial institution or marketing platform we can work with you to identify and close scams before you incur reputational damage and potential claims.

See below for some of our External Panel Specialists.


Safe Or Scam LLC is a team of international investigators experienced in exposing scam investments.  They have established several large investor group legal actions and are our partners in fraud investigations on a global scale.  For Non-UK citizens their articles are accessible via this link.

Mike has been a professional investigator for more than 25 years and is our specialist in corporate fraud and global asset recovery.  He is a member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners; the International Compliance Association; The Association of British Investigators; the London Fraud Forum and the Fraud Advisory Panel.

Chris is a lawyer specialising in insolvency.  He was formerly a senior examiner at the Insolvency Service, investigating the conduct and acts of directors and pursuing disqualification proceedings.  He is experienced in dealing with cases where there are allegations of fraud, misfeasance, wrongful trading, other financial misconduct or improper behaviour.

Michael is a lawyer specialising in UK financial services compliance and breaches of FCA regulations relating to financial products and investments.  He is an experienced litigator and an expert in Financial Ombudsman Service claims.  Michael is adept at running large class-action professional negligence claims against solicitors and law firms.  He is a regular media commentator for The Times, The Financial Times and financial information websites.

Paul is a lawyer specialising in all aspects of corporate and personal insolvency.  His in-depth knowledge of UK insolvency law and director fiduciary responsibilities is invaluable in identifying potential routes for recovery for investor and corporate clients alike.  Paul’s expertise has resulted in many dishonest UK companies and individuals being taken through the court insolvency process.

Laurence is a lawyer specialising in commercial litigation involving UK and world-wide fraud investigations.  He is an expert in obtaining freezing injunctions, search and seizure orders, and world-wide asset recoveries.  Laurence is particularly adept at handling cases involving complex investment and banking issues.