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All Types of Investment, Trading, Share & Crypto-Currency Scams,  Cloned Firms,  Money Mule Accounts,  Bank, Ombudsman and Professional Firm Claims

Asset Tracing & Recovery

People & Asset Tracing and Recovery,  Group Legal Actions,  Legal and Insolvency Support,  Director and Key Person Reports

Scam Awareness & Prevention

Scam Alerts,  Public Awareness Campaigns,  Educational Videos and Collaboration with external Fraud Prevention Organisations

Welcome to the Fraud Team

The Fraud Team Ltd is a not-for-profit investigation and recovery company for UK victims of scams.  Our aim is to support individuals, companies and UK financial institutions to recover money paid out on scam investments and recovery room frauds.  We work with like-minded organisations on early-stage scam detection and prevention.  If we can identify the scam early enough we can prevent significant investor losses and the distress which goes with it.

The reputation of the UK as a safe and secure financial environment is seriously damaged by the failure to identify, intervene and close down investment scams at an early stage.  The cost to the financial services industry in compensation payments is significant and could, in many cases, be avoided by an early warning system.

The Fraud Team will closely monitor the launch of scam investments and recovery room frauds and will intervene to protect potential investors and financial institutions from loss.

Our Story

The Fraud Team was formed in 2020 with the aim of bringing together specialist parties which have the skills to combat frauds and scams in all their forms.

We exist to help investors and financial institutions identify potential scams early in their life-cycle to prevent financial loss.

We can also help those who have already invested and who have involved the Police or Financial Conduct Authority with no success.

The first port of call for a victim of fraud should always be the Police.  They are best placed to investigate and take action.  Link to the Action Fraud website.  Likewise, if the loss was caused by an investment in a regulated product or with a regulated party the investor should first report it to the Financial Conduct Authority.  Link to the FCA website.  If neither of those parties are able to help then we may be able to.

The Fraud Team is not funded by any outside organisation so we charge for our services.  Our profits are spent on public activities related to combating scams and fraud.

Our Mission

Our mission is:

1.  to recover money lost by UK parties in frauds and scams; and

2.  to work with the financial services industry on early-stage prevention; and

3.  to hold to account the perpetrators of scams and those who assist them; and

4.  to raise public awareness and to prevent others falling victim in the future.

Recovering money in these cases is never easy and success is not guaranteed.  There will be situations where recovery is impossible or the costs involved in attempting recovery are simply too high to make it viable.  We can usually tell fairly quickly whether this is the case.

Occasionally there are cases where the victim has tried to claim compensation but been unfairly rejected by their bank, solicitor, sales agent, introducer or adviser.  Our team has the skills to take on these claims.


Three reasons why victims of scams should work with The Fraud Team.

1. We have a very experienced UK-based team covering a wide range of disciplines. We can identify potential recovery options that may not be immediately obvious to our clients. Our partners can operate on a global basis if necessary. We are trustworthy and committed to do the very best for the victims of scams.

2. Our fees are reasonable. We will take an initial look at your situation free of charge and if we think we can help we will provide you with a quote for our services. All enquiries are handled in strictest confidence because we recognise the embarrassment and stress that some victims of scams inevitably experience.

3. We use our profits to help prevent others falling victim to scams. We can find people who do not wish to be found and can trace assets that may have been hidden. Our services are for UK individuals and corporates alike. Our team has proven success in taking action, recovering money and tracing guilty parties.

For further information please email us with a brief outline of your enquiry and one of our team will contact you.